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Ephesians 2.11 - 12 - "From No Hope, to Near, to Reconciliation!"

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Paul’s Greatest Church Planting Success
 31 January 2018
Archdale church of Christ – Russ McCullough
Lesson #6 – Ephesians 2.11 – 22

1.     What is the “therefore” there for?
2.     The Gentiles were in the past called what?
3.     Who were they called that by?
4.     What 3 key words describe the previous conditions of the Gentiles?
a.      S______________   (Without) (Lit. “A___ a S__________”) (Romans 3.21;  3.28;  4.6) 
b.     A______________ (Aliens) (Lit. “E___________, to be a non-P________________.”)  (The word is used only one other time in Hebrews 11.4)
c.      S______________ (Strangers)  (Lit. “F_____________, without a S______________ in”)  (I Timothy 5.10;  Hebrews 11.13;  13.2)
5.     What hope did the Gentiles have prior to Christ?
6.     How does Paul describe the current condition of the Gentile now in Christ Jesus?
7.     Just what was it that brought us “near?”
8.     What is the purpose of this blood?  (Matthew 26.28)
9.     How is this purpose applied?  (Acts 2.38)
10. For He Himself (Christ) is our what?
11. In this context, “peace” is best understood as the “Messiah’s Peace” or the W___________ of our S_______________  (Romans 2.10;  3.17;  5.1)
12. What metaphor does Paul use to describe the new status of the Gentile Christian?
13. Christ did this by abolishing what?
14. What plan did God have to bring about this peace, this “Messiah’s salvation?”
15. How did God plan to kill the former hostility between the parties?
16. “Reconcile” means to “B____________ back a former state of H______________.”
17. How was this message of reconciliation communicated?
18. Who are the “far off” and the “near?”
19. How is this concept often stated in the New Testament?
20. Vs. 18 describes what great doctrine?
21. What is the new description of the Gentile Christian?
22. In the New Testament, “household” is a synonym for what?
23. What is the foundation of the church of Christ?
24. That foundation rests upon what?
25. How is this foundation stated in Acts 2.42?
26. Upon what does the entire structure grow upon?
27. Who is the assembler of this structure?
28. What is the numerous building material of this structure?
29. Who will live in this structure?         


1.     “Not of your own doing, it is a gift of God…”
2.     The un-circumcision
3.     The circumcised
4.     Separated – “At a space”
Alienated – “Estranged, participants”
Strangers – “Foreigner, without a share in”
5.     None
6.     Near
7.     The blood of Christ
8.     The remission or forgiveness of sins
9.     In water baptism
10. Peace
11. The way of our salvation
12. The dividing wall / fence at the Temple that separated the Gentiles from the Court of the Women with death to any who trespassed it.
13. The Law of Commandments and Ordinances
14. By creating in Himself one new man in the place of two.
15. He would reconcile them.
16. Bring, Harmony
17. Peaching
18. The Gentiles and the Jews
19. “To the Jew first and also to the Greek”
20. The Trinity
21. “Fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God”
22. The family
23. The apostles and prophets
24. The chief cornerstone, Jesus Chris
25. The Apostles Doctrine
26. Christ, the chief cornerstone
27. The Holy Spirit
28. Individual Christians
29. God Himself!

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