Sunday, June 11, 2017

My Name is John and I'd Like You to Meet My Friend Jesus

NOTE: I began today to preach through the Gospel of John every 2nd Lord's Day of each month.  The Series is entitled; "What A Friend We Have In Jesus!"  I am preaching in the 1st person as if I am John himself.  I will, Lord willing, not take any theological license in these presentations.

Good morning!  Welcome to the Ephesus church of Christ.  My name is John and I want you to know my friend Jesus.  As we stand before you I am 95 years old and thank God for the opportunity to serve this congregation as one of your elders.  In these series of sermons I want to recall my time with Jesus Christ of Nazareth who was...AND IS... my friend.  I want Him to be your friend too!

To Be Completed...

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