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The Purpose of God - Ephesians 1.10 - 14 - 10 January 2018

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Paul’s Greatest Church Planting Success
 10 January 2018
Archdale church of Christ – Russ McCullough
Lesson #3 – Ephesians 1.11 - 14

1.     In whom do we receive what?
2.     Is predestination spoken here in the singular or the plural?
3.     This is according to whose purpose?
4.     Who is doing the work here?
5.     How is the truth conveyed?
6.     The gospel is linked to what?
7.     With what are we sealed?
8.     When and how are we thus sealed?
9.     This seal is also what regarding our inheritance?
10. Before we go further, just what is the PURPOSE God?
11.  The word translated “purpose” in Ephesians 1.11 is from the Greek word “P_______________” which according to Strong’s means; “A setting F____________, P_______________, I________________  (specifically the S___________________) as E______________ before God.”
12.  According to Thayer’s, the word “purpose” / P_______________ means; 1) “A setting F_________ of a thing, placing it in V____________, the S____________________; _____ Loaves of W________________ bread, corresponding to the _____ tribes of Israel, which loaves were O_____________ to God every S________________, and separated into ______ rows, lay for ______ days upon a table placed in the S_________________ or F____________  portion of the T______________ and afterwards of the T___________.  2) A P______________.”
13.  “P________________” is translated ________ times in the NT as “P_______________” and __________ times as “S_________________.”
a.      Romans 8.28 – 30 ____________________________________
1)    “Purpose” here is associated with F________________
2)    “Firstborn” is associated with “F_____________” in the OT
b.     Romans 9.8 – 13 ______________________________________
1)    “Purpose” is associated here with “E________________”
c.      Ephesians 1.10 – 14 ___________________________________
d.     Ephesians 3.7 – 11 _____________________________________
1)    “Purpose” here is associated with both the G____________ and God’s G______________
e.      II Timothy 1.8 – 14 _____________________________________
1)    “Purpose” here, again, is associated with G______________
f.       II Timothy 3.1- 16 ______________________________________
1)    “Purpose” here is associated with the S______________
g.     Hebrews 9.1 - 2 _______________________________________
1)    “Shewbread” is also referred to as the B___________ of the P______________.
2)    Leviticus 24.5 – 9 _________________________________
h.     Matthew 12.4 __________________________________________
i.       Matthew 2.26 _________________________________________
j.       Luke 6.4 ______________________________________________
14.  Jesus refers to Himself as the “B______________ of L_________”
a.      John 6.35 – 40 ____________________________________________
b.     John 6.49 – 51 ____________________________________________
c.      Luke 22.19 ______________________________________________
15. The “Bread of the Presence” was W____________ on the Day of P______________ which was __________ days after P_______________.
a.      Leviticus 23.15 – 21
          The purpose of God is to be _________________ with man in C__________ who is the B_____________ of L____________.  The shadow of the P_____________ is the B__________of  the P______________, or the S________________ which was offered to God on the Day of ________________.  The reality of the P_________________ was given by God to man on the D_______ of P________________ in the form of B_____________ into C______________ for the R_______________ of sins and then to receive the G__________ of the Holy Spirit finalizing the P______________ of God with man, reconciling man to H_________________.  We memorialize His Presence in the Lord’s Supper every Lord’s Day.  I Corinthians 11.23 – 34

“…the Lord Jesus on the night when He was betrayed took bread, and when He had given thanks, he broke it, and said, “This is my Body which is broken for you.  Do this in remembrance of Me.”


1. Him, inheritence
2. Plural
3. "Him who works all things"
4. God
5. Hearing
6. Salvation
7. The Holy Spirit
8. At our baptism into the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins per Acts 2.38
9. Guarantee / Earnest / Deposit / 
10. Write down what you believe to be God's purpose subject to further study
11. Prothesis, forth, proposal, intention, shew-bread, exposed
12. Prothesis, forth, view, shew-bread, 12, wheaten, 12, offered, Sabbath, 2, 7, sanctuary, front, tabernacle, temple
13. Prothesis, 6, purpose, 4, shew-bread
              a.1. first born
              a. 2. first fruits
              b. 1. election (plural as God is no respecter of persons)
              d. 1. Grace, gift
              e.1. Grace
              f.1. Scripture, Word, Logos, Christ
              g.1. Bread of the Presence
14. Bread of Life
15. Waved, Pentecost, 50, Passover
Present, Christ, Bread, Life, Presence, Bread, Presence, shew-bread, Pentecost, presence, Day, Pentecost, baptism, Christ, remission, Gift, presence, Himself

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