Monday, October 30, 2017

Are You In or Out of Alignment? - An Exposition of Romans 7.7 - 11

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Have you ever owned a concupiscent automobile?  Before you answer, it is VERY likely you have!  A concupiscent car is simply a car out of alignment, one that pulls hard to either the right or to the left as you drive down the highway.  It is constant and hard work to keep the car going straight because the car is fighting hard to leave the road.

Websters 1828 Dictionary defines CONCUPISCENCE as: " covet or lust after, to desire or covet. Lust; unlawful or irregular desire of sexual pleasure. In a more general sense, the coveting of carnal things, or an irregular appetite for worldly good; inclination for unlawful enjoyments."

When we become concupiscent, we are working hard to steer ourselves into the ditch of sin.  We are trying, as the out of alignment car, to run ourselves off the road..

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