Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Part of ONE Don't People Want to Understand?

WARNING!  This post contains TRUTH, though spoken in LOVE,  which "may" if not accepted,  cause severe anger, physical reactions of high blood pressure, upset stomach and head ache.  If you experience any of these physical reactions, consult and obey the New Testament passages noted until the symptoms pass.  DO NOT consult any denominational doctrines of men, creeds, dogmas, traditions or public opinion as your symptoms will only increase in number and severity.

“And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” – Acts 4.12 (ESV)

There is a growing divide among God's people.  This divide concerns this question; "Is the church of Christ just another denomination among many or is the church of Christ the singular Body of Christ spoken of in the New Testament as the singular and narrow way of salvation excluding all others?"   "IF" we have "ears to hear," the answer is plain, obvious and clear.  The divide comes from the fact that many among us no longer look to the ancient words of Christ preserved for us in written form by the Holy Spirit for all time and eternity without change.  Granted, many continue to hold that truth is static, understandable and obtainable through the Words of the New Testament.  Sadly, many others have grasped the existential view of truth, that it evolves over time, constantly changes, is at best elusive and is interpreted individually based upon each persons life experiences, stories and perspective.  Which is it?

In Matthew 16.18 Jesus promised to build His church.  Singular.  Not plural, singular.  There were not and are not multiple churches.  There is only one gospel, all others are accursed according to Paul in Galatians 1.6fl.  “IF” there are multiple churches, multiple gospels and multiple ways for salvation, the reason and purpose for the church of Christ vanishes.  “IF” we are just “one among many,” all is lost as a reason to exist.
This is a very hard message.  Many today in the Lord’s church are talking about “unity” with “other Christians.”  We must ask the question, “IF” there are “other Christians,” how did they become such and to what church were they added?  In Acts 4, Peter asserts in a detailed and redundant way that there is only “ONE name under heaven by which we must be saved.” 

·         In 4.2 he asserts that there is only:
-      ONE teaching
-      ONE proclamation
-      ONE resurrection
·         In 4.7 he asserts that there is only:
-      ONE power
-      ONE name
·         In 4.10 he asserts that there is only:
-      ONE name
-      ONE crucifixion
-      ONE resurrection
-      ONE man
·         In 4.11 he asserts that there is only:
-      ONE name
-      ONE stone
-      ONE cornerstone

In verses 12 – 20, Peter concludes his assertion of the one way of salvation.  Salvation is found in no one else.  In fact, “IF” there are other ways to salvation other than “repentance and baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins,” (Acts 2.38) then, in contradiction to Peter then there MUST also be: 1) More than one teaching, 2) More than one proclamation, 3) More than one resurrection, 4) More than one power, 5) More than one name, 6) More than one crucifixion, 7) More than just one man, 8) More than just one stone, and, 9) More than just one cornerstone.  By default then we must also conclude that Christ Himself was mistaken when he promised to build just one church.  By default then we must also conclude that Paul was in error when he asserted that there was but one gospel and that other gospels were accursed!  The exclusion of other names given for salvation is 100%.  

The singular gospel of salvation cannot be denied though it very often is rejected along with the proclaimers of that gospel.  The opponents of this singular name, this singular gospel, this singular salvation want this gospel to spread no further and  be spoken and taught no more.  Whether or not this singular gospel is to be spread, be spoken about or taught is for others to judge but we must continue to preach, proclaim and teach this narrow and exclusive gospel message of Jesus Christ!

“What part of ONE don’t people want to understand?”

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