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Understanding Ezekiel in It's Genre & Context - An Intro to Chapters 40 - 43

Lesson – 51 – Ezekiel 40 - 43 - Archdale church of Christ
 Russ McCullough – 1 November 2017 – “The New Temple” Part 2 w/ Answers
“Our bones are dried up and our hope is gone, we are cut off.” – 37.10
1.   Read Ezekiel 40.1 – 4; 43.18 - 27
2.   Prayer
3.   The Bible asserts that Truth N________________ changes and the A____________ M______________ asserts that Truth is E___________ (Always) changing and actually is modeled along with what 19th century theory? ____________________________
A: Never, Allegorical Method, Ever, Darwinian evolution (the simple evolves into the complex)
4.   One popular error today in (M____ Interpretation) that the entire Bible is one long N______________________ which “wood__________________” the entire text completely neglecting G___________.  This idea has led to many absurd doctrines, the most notable of which is P_________________.
A: Mis-, Narrative, Woodenizes, Genre (A type of writing style), Premillennialism
5.   Another popular error today asserts that the Bible, like the C_______________________ is a “L____________, B________________ Document.”  This subjects God’s Will to E_____________ & C_____________.  Here we see the proverbial “D_____________ tail wag the T________________ dog.”
A: Constitution, Living, Breathing, Evolve, Change, Darwinian, Theological
6.   This idea is also known as S___________ P______________ which means the “F_____________ S______________”.  This espouses the notion that as man’s K________________ increases so does his ability to see the H_______________ M________________ in Scripture that all previous generations could N_______ including the very A______________ of the Books of the Bible!
A: Sensus Plenior, Fuller Sense, Knowledge, Hidden Messages, Not, Authors
7.   The most infamous teacher espousing “Sensus Plenoir” is B___________ M________________ espoused in his best-selling book: A GENEROUS ORTHODOXY.
A: Brian McLaren
8.   In reality, the Bible should be read and U_________________ in the G______________ in which that portion written, just like any other book!  Proper understanding of the Bible P____________ written in various G____________ is called “S______________ L______________” which means the “L______________ S______________.”  Jesus uses this method in Luke 4 and Luke 24.
A: Understood, Genre, Plainly, Genres, Sensus Literalis, Letter Sense
9.   The Bible contains at least 12 genres: A:
A.   Legal Narrative (Story or account) – The Torah – the first 5 books of the Old Testament.
B.   Historical Narrative – Joshua thru II Chronicles + Acts in the NT
C.   Didactic (Doctrine) – Doctrinal teaching found throughout the Bible in various genres.
D.  Wisdom – Job thru Ecclesiastes
E.   Poetry – Psalms + random places in the NT
F.   Music – Psalms + various places in the NT such as Philippians 2
G.  General Epistles (Letter) – Written to numerous people such as the books to the Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, etc.
H.  Personal Epistles – Written to individuals such as Timothy and Titus
I.    Sermons – The Book of Hebrews is a sermon on the Old Testament
J.   Prophesy – Books foretelling the future such as Isaiah and Jeremiah
K.  Apocalyptic – Highly symbolic books written in times of national crisis such as Zechariah, Ezekiel and Revelation
L.   Metaphor – Various places such as the Gospels.  A metaphor is an illustration using one thing to describe another.
10.                Based upon all of this, this passage is most like which of these above?  A: Ezekiel is both Prophetic and Apocalyptic

Conclusion: We understand the Bible literally in its proper context as it is written in a specific genre.  We read and understand the Bible just like any other book.  That’s the way the Holy Spirit inspired the Bible and has preserved it for our time.  We don’t read poetry as if it is history.   We don’t read history and pretend it is allegory or fable.

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