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The Admiral and the Crow

“The Admiral and the Crow”
Sermon 2 in the Series – “Why I am a Member of the church of Christ”

“From Ulster Plantation to the Carolina’s with the Gospel!” *

Russell H. McCullough / Archdale church of Christ, 2525 Archdale Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210 / - Date:  

Text: Matthew 16.16 - 20
Thesis: I am a member of the church of Christ “Because It was Founded on the Scriptural Foundation”

1           Introduction

A.   Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson “turned a blind eye” to Admiral Parkers signal to retreat at the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801.

B.   In the age of sail before the discovery of latitude and longitude coordination, at the top of the tallest mast on the ship was the “crow’s nest.”  So-called for it contained just that, a nest of crows in a cage.  When released the crow would immediately fly to land in the shortest and fastest route possible, thus the saying “as the crow flies.”

2          To What Does “Upon This Rock” Reflect?

A.   Petros – Peter
C.    “IF” there would have been the office of the pope then:
1.      Paul would have been pope for he was the one who chastised Peter in Galatians and not the other way around.
2.     Paul would have been pope since he was the “apostle to the gentiles.”
3.    Paul would have been pope since he was not married and Peter was.

3          I Corinthians 3.11

A.   No other foundation

4         Ephesians 2.20

A.   Christ is the chief cornerstone
1.      Psalms 118.22 – rejected corner
2.     Matthew 21.42 – Jesus applied this to Himself
3.    Acts 4.11 - Peter applied this to Christ
B.   The witnesses are one and the same as they are part of the foundation
a.    Acts 1

5          CONCLUSION: The one Singular Jesus Christ build his one and only singular church on the one singular foundation of which He is the only singular chief and cornerstone!

6         The Meaning of the Text in It’s Theological, Historical & Cultural Context:

A.   Jesus promised, built, and is head of only one church – HIS!

7          The Challenge of the Text for Christians Today

A.    We must continue to strive to “contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints.”

8         “The Gospel Call”

·         My fifth great uncle was Hugh Gaston who was rector at the Ballywillan Presbyterian Church (pictured above left) in County Antrim, Ulster Plantation (Northern Ireland) and wrote the most dangerous book of his time; Gaston’s Collections.  It allowed “the ploughman to know more Bible than his clergyman.”  Hugh fled to South Carolina where he died prematurely of the measles.  He is buried just one hour south of Charlotte in Chester County, S.C. in “Burnt Meeting House Cemetery.”   Uncle Hugh continues to inspire my ministry to this very day.  You can read more about Uncle Hugh here:
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