Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dry Salvation? - Baptism Cannot be Eisegetically Interpreted

We became alarmed in 2006 when the ""emergent"  among us began to depart from the truth in regards to the instrument.(1)  That, however, was not the end but the beginning of apostasy.  That same "silence" argument has now been (mis)applied by many to reject the necessity of baptism as commanded by both Christ and His apostles. 

In today's LinkedIn feed (05.30.17), Joe Becker, the preacher for the Steamboat Springs church of Christ in Colorado Springs, CO posted this:

"One of the difficulties with the question, "Is baptism necessary for salvation?" is that the question--as it is generally presented--assumes that one's salvation can be pinpointed to specific moment in time. But that is not the picture of salvation presented to us in the New Testament. According to the Bible, salvation is made up of two major components--justification and sanctification. In justification, we receive imputed righteousness; in sanctification, we are made actually righteous. Those who have been justified are identified, in the New Testament, both as the, "saved," and as the, "being saved." Justification is granted on the basis of faith alone, but justification cannot complete one's salvation. Sanctification is required, and sanctification is a life-long process, which is inaugurated upon justification, but will not be consummated until the Last Day. We have been justified, and we are being sanctified, and the two, together, make up salvation."

Many have falsely argued that the use of the instrument is "not a heaven and hell issue" and is a matter of
choice, convenience, and tradition.  The argument begs the question, of course.  Any Bible believing Christian MUST CERTAINLY reject this allegorical eisegesis application to BAPTISM.  One is saved not by water, but in water where the "powerful working of God" is applied (2) as one is buried "into His death" (3) where the blood of Christ is contacted "for remission of sins." (4)  Justification and sanctification are not possible unless one is "in Christ."  The only way to get "into Christ" is to be baptized into Him. (5)  God's salvational work is applied at no other time or place.

In our time when the internet connects us all continuously, potential falsehood travels to every congregation faster than the speed of light.  Everyone, especially the elders, must be constantly aware of these matters so as to "convict the gainsayer." (6)  No straw man here, there is a real wolf always at Jude's metaphorical "side door" walking right in and sitting next to us.  Water is in God's Plan, Satan wants us all to stay dry as fodder for eternal fire. 

(1) For more the most detailed info available information on the so-called "emerging church" movement among churches of Christ, obtain a copy of: EMERGING TOWARDS APOSTASY.  The book is available through P & D Sales of Rock Hill, SC.  Their number is 803.817.1869.
(2) Colossians 2.11 - 12
(3) Romans 6.1 - 6
(4) Matthew 26.28; Acts 2.38
(5) Galatians 3.27
(6) Titus 1.9
Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

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