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Judges 3.31 - 4.10 - Deborah & Barak, Part 1

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A Judge by Judge Bible Study -  24 December 2017
Archdale church of Christ – Russ McCullough
Lesson #5 – Judges 3.31 – 4.10

1.     How many unimportant sentences are in God’s Word?
2.     Judges 3.31 mentions a “one verse” judge.  Who is he?  His name means D_________________.
3.     NOTE: We will render a new sermon very soon on this man.
4.     What did the people of Israel don once more?  What triggered this event?
5.     The Hebrew word for “sold” is MAKAR which means to “sell and / or to be given over to D______________.”   God did not sell Israel in order to make a P______________but to P________________ them at any C_________ regardless of the “R_____________ on I _______________.”
A.   Judges 2.14 __________________________________________
B.    Judges 3.8 ___________________________________________
C.    Judges 4.2 ___________________________________________
D.   Judges 4.9 ___________________________________________
E.    Judges 10.7 __________________________________________
F.     Deuteronomy 31.17 ____________________________________
G.   Psalms 106.34 – 46 ____________________________________
6.     Who did God next sell Israel to?
7.     His name means “I_______________” and may have been a continuous royal title like P__________ or C_____________.
8.     Jabin reigned in H_______________ which is about a 1/3 of the way from Haifa to D______________________.
9.     The commander of Jabin’s army was a man named S___________.  What his name actually meant is U__________________.  It may mean M_________________ or S____________ H______________.
10. He lived in H_________________ - h______________ which means “F__________________.”  A recent dig discovered a metallic relief picturing a woman with ear rings in the shape of C___________ W_____________.  It was located WSW of the Sea of G______________ very close to the Mediterranean Sea.
11. Why did Israel cry out to the Lord?
12.  How long did he oppress Israel?
13.  Who was judging Israel at this time?  Her name means B_______.  She was a P___________________.  Her husband’s name was L______________ whose name means T______________.
14. Where did Deborah sit and judge Israel?  Why did the people come up to her?
15. Who did she summon?  B__________ which means L_____________.  Who son was he?  A____________ which means F_____________ of P________________.  Where did he live?  K_____________________ which is located on the SSW coast of the Sea of G___________ and means roughly “H_________ C_____________.”
16. What is the answer to the rhetorical question of verse 6?  How does this reflect on the fact that Deborah was judge and not Barak?
17. Where was Barak to gather his army of _____________?  Mt. T___________ which is located about __________ miles WSW of the Sea of G______________.
18. From what 2 tribes was he to gather his army?
19. God promised to D__________ O_______ the enemy army by what river?  K______________.  The battle was fought in the J____________ Valley between M________________ and Mt. T____________.
20. What condition of going did Barak demand of Deborah?  Her reply?
21. The victory will not be credited to him but to whom? 


1.     None, Shamgar, Destroyer
2.     We will render a new lesson soon on the life of this man.
3.     Shamgar, Destroyer
4.     Evil, Death of Ehud
5.     Death, Profit, Preserve, Cost, Return, Investment
6.     Same word, “sold” is used 5 times in 5 verses in Judges, Prediction, Explanation
7.     Jabin
8.     Intelligent One, Pharaoh, Caesar
9.     Hazor, Damascus
10. Sisera, Unclear, Mediator, Swift Horse
11. Harosheth-hagoyim, Fortress, Chariot Wheels, Galilee
12. 900 Iron Chariots
13. Twenty years
14. Bee, Prophetess, Lappidoth, Torches
15. Between Ramah and Bethel, to render judgements between disputants
16. Barak, Lightning or Lightning Flash
17. Abinoam, Father of Pleasantness, Kedesh-naphtali, Galilee, Holy City
18. Has not God already asked Barak to go out?  Yes., Poorly
19. 10,000, Tabor, 10, Galilee
20. Zebulon & Naphtali
21. Draw Out, Kishon, Jezreel, Megiddo, Mt. Tabor
22. I won’t go unless you go with me, She did
23. The glory won’t go to him but to a woman

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