Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Just What Is Biblical Preaching?

A  Bible question deserves a Bible answer!  Paul clearly and emphatically states:


“For if I preach the gospel, there is nothing for me to boast about, for necessity is pressed upon me; yes, woe is me if I do not preach the gospel!” – I Corinthians 9.16 (EMTV)


It is very and abundantly clear that Paul was under a tremendous focus to preach the gospel, the proclamation of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It is preached for the express purpose of saving those “who call upon the Name of the Lord for salvation” by repentance and baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins.  (Acts 2, Acts 9, Acts 22 et. al.)


Today marks what would have been the 117th birthday of my grandfather, Clyde Larimore Taylor.  He was born on June 6, 1896 in Beech Grove, KY.  Brother Taylor was a Christian, a missionary and a gospel preacher.  He was and IS my mentor.  Being able to see him again in Heaven continually motivates me to always “preach the gospel both in and out of season.” He once said to me; “Russell, if I can take my lesson down the street to the denominational church and get “amen’s,” its NOT gospel!”  It is fitting, therefore, to explore the question; “Just what is biblical preaching?” on this,  his 117th birthday.


ANY sermon that proclaims this gospel is by default…biblical!  Sadly, ALL denominational preaching is non-biblical for it is accursed as Paul asserts in Galatians 1.6 – 9.  Preaching within the Fellowship of the Saints, as well, often falls short of the high standard of biblical preaching.  Let’s examine some examples of this kind of preaching:


Biblical preaching is not a topic in search of a text.  Biblical preaching is not shallow.  Biblical preaching is not “story telling.”  Biblical preaching is not a text in search of a meaning.  Biblical preaching is not just social commentary.  Biblical preaching is not just a review of current events.  Biblical preaching is not pop psychology.  Biblical preaching is not selective.  Biblical preaching is not random.  Biblical preaching is not just reflective.  Biblical preaching is not simply engaging.  Biblical preaching is not entertaining.  Biblical preaching is not relevant for relevance’s sake.  Biblical preaching is never pragmatic.  Biblical preaching is not a mantra or a narrative.  Biblical preaching is not without an application.  Biblical preaching is not without a call to action.  Biblical preaching does not play on one’s emotions for emotions sake.  Biblical preaching is not man generated or man focused.  Biblical preaching is not allegorical.  Biblical preaching is not without a clear text within context.  Biblical preaching is not without a contextual theme.  Biblical preaching is not without a contextual thesis.  Biblical preaching is not without a conclusion.


Even among the most faithful of congregations in the Lord’s church, one often finds sermons that are random, shallow, without theme, without thesis, lacking direction, void of purpose, out of context.  Essentially lukewarm spiritual rice water is often fed to the flock while steaming hot “meat and potatoes” remain left behind in the kitchen.


What characteristics, then, would we ascribe to biblical preaching?


·       (Biblical preaching) express(es) exactly the will of the glorious Sovereign – allow(ing) God to speak, not man.

·       (Biblical preaching) brings the preacher into direct and continual contact with the mind of the Holy Spirit who authored Scripture (through the Scripture.)

·       (Biblical preaching) frees the preacher to proclaim all the revelation of God, producing a ministry of wholeness and integrity.

·       (Biblical preaching) promotes biblical literacy, yielding rich knowledge of redemptive truth.

·       (Biblical preaching) carries ultimate divine (and apostolic) authority…

·       (Biblical preaching) transforms the preacher, leading to transformed congregations.[1]


When the gospel is proclaimed BIBLICALLY, individuals are saved, families are reunited, congregations are revived, communities are transformed and nations are restored!


-        Russ McCullough – 6 June 2013

Happy Birthday bro. Clyde Taylor!

[1] John MacArthur (Rediscovering Expository Preaching, W Publishing Group, a Division of Thomas Nelson, Inc., Nashville, TN), Introduction, pg. XV

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