Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Manger or the Cross? - Which Will It Be?

There he is!  Father Christmas!  Every December millions the world over embrace the warm, vibrant and exciting sentiments of the Christmas season, past and present embodied by "Father Christmas."  Children, family, festivities, songs, gifts, carols, eggnog, sugar plums, ornaments, snow, holly and mistletoe all "dance in our heads."  As the song goes; "it's the most wonderful time of the year!"
But...can Father Christmas save you?  Will one's attention to the manger bring salvation?  The answer is disturbing.  The answer is......NO.
Each year the debate rages.  Was Christ really born on "Christmas Day," December 25?  Not likely.  "Shepherds guiding their flocks by night" occur in Israel only in the spring and fall...never winter.  We can debate the origin of "Christmas" till the cows come home.  One thing is such holiday ever was celebrated by the early Christian community, identified in the New Testament as "The Way." There is no such command to celebrate in the New Testament, there is no example of any of the Apostles (or anyone else for that matter) celebrating it and there is not even an inference anywhere in Scripture that anyone had even a thought of so doing.
The origins of the holiday we call Christmas are medieval, pagan, catholic, pragmatic and extra biblical.  As a religious celebration it is clear that Christmas ("Christ - Mass") is what God has clearly decreed as an addition to the Word.  While the celebration of Christmas in the United States is "as American as apple pie," it has no connection whatsoever to the revealed Christian faith described in the New Testament.  In fact, Jesus is VERY specific as to how He wants to be remembered.  It is celebrated, not on December 25, but on every "first day of the week" around what is known as the "Lord's Table."  Here's what revelation, not speculation, says;  "Do this in remembrance of me." - I Corinthians 11.24 - 25.
We must ask ourselves this question; "Why, then, is Christmas so embraced by so many as the most prominent "Christian" celebration of the year?" 
People are told that Christmas is the most holy day (the origin of our word "holiday") of the year in all of "Christendom."   This is a true statement!  However, "Christendom" is NOT "Christianity!"  Christendom is a one world military, political and economic system centered in Rome and headed by a one man dictator commonly known as the "pope."  Popes over the years have changed EVERY aspect of New Testament Christianity and corrupted it so that it no longer has anything in common with Revelation.   

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