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Revelation! - "Written To Us, About Us or For Us?"

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Lesson 5 - Chapter 1

Watch This Gospel Call TV VIDEO to Answer These Questions:
1.      Review:
a.      Whose Revelation is it?
b.      Given from who to whom?
c.       The recipient then gave the Revelation to whom?
d.      That recipient then gave the Revelation to whom for recordation?
e.      The Revelation was written about events that would happen when?  The word translated “soon” literally means I___ S____________ in the original.
2.      According to I John 1.1 – 3, what 3 things can John testify to?
3.      The angel signified that John could testify to what 3 things per vs. 2?
4.      The word translated “signified” is from the original esmainon which means A S________, A M___________ or I________________.  This word occurs in only 5 other places which sheds light on its meaning:
a.      John 12.23 ____________________________________________________
b.      John 18.32 ____________________________________________________
c.       John 21.9 _____________________________________________________
d.      Acts 11.28 _____________________________________________________
e.      Acts 25.27 _____________________________________________________
5.      This word tells us very early on that Revelation is written in S_______________ language, not L______________.  The only exception is the A______________ which goes from 1.8 – 3.22.
6.      Though there are many descriptions, what is the “Testimony of Jesus Christ” according to John 11.25 – 26?
7.      Blessings come to what two parties in 1.3?  These blessings come with what caveat?  Why is this principle so very important?
8.      Why is the word “are” so very important in 1.3?
9.      What attribute of God is described in 1.4?  Does Satan possess this attribute?
10.  The letter comes from what 3 parties identified in vs. 3 – 4?
11.  Does this conflict with vs. 1?  Why or why not?
12.  Jesus Christ has made us all what?
13.  To what end has He made us thusly?
14.  Does the phrase “coming” always refer to the 2nd coming of which we have already studied?  (See 2.5, 2.16, 2.22, 3.3, 3.11
15.  In THIS CONTEXT, what indication do we have that Christ already came to the 7 churches of Asia?

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