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The 2nd Greatest Blessing We Can Receive This Side of Heaven - Worship

“From Ulster Plantation to the Carolina’s with the Gospel!” *

Russell H. McCullough / Archdale church of Christ, 2525 Archdale Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210 / - Date:  26 February 2017

Text:  I Corinthians 11.17 - 34
Thesis:  “There is no remembrance of Christ outside of the assembly”

1           Introduction

A.   I would like to thank bro. Gene Austin for requesting this sermon to be preached. 
B.   We are not here to “preach to the choir so to speak,” we are here to reinforce the Mind of Christ regarding this subject so we can better defend the faith and encourage one another to always be faithful.
C.    There is a rapid decent in church attendance in America
D.   We could drone on and on about the reasons why.
E.    Vance Havner observed; “The church is so subnormal that if it ever got back to the New Testament, normal it would seem to people abnormal.”
F.    C. S. Lewis said:  “The perfect church service would be one we were almost unaware of.  Our attention would have been on God.”
G.   Many people have offered many excuses for neglecting the Lord’s memory:
1.      “Three letters…NFL!
2.     “I’m a good person and I don’t want to hear otherwise!”
3.    “When I want to feel guilty, I’ll just call my mother!”
4.    “Not going to church because of hypocrites is like not going to the gym because of all “those out of shape people!”
5.    “I was on my way to church this morning when I glanced down at my smart phone.  It said; “No Service.”  So I turned around and went back home.”
6.    And my personal favorite…”The preacher doesn’t respond to my remote control!”
7.     Often folks just go to “Bedside Baptist” where they will listen to Dr. Sheets attended to by brother Snooze Button and brother Tenmore Minutes.
8.    But SERIOUSLY…
H.   Thomas Paine the atheist sums it up best: “My own mind is my own church.”
I.       John Wesley observed; “The Bible knows nothing of solitary religion.” 
J.     I have visited the woods many times over my life span and have yet to find someone holding a worship service!
K.   On the other hand I have most certainly heard the Lord’s Name being called out loudly on every golf course I ever played!
L.     Today We Will Go To God’s Word and Discover God’s Greatest Blessing This Side of Heaven
M.Worship Is For God, Worship is For Others and Worship is For Me.

2          Worship is for God

A.   John 4.19 – 24
1.      The Hour is now here for TRUE worshippers
a.    Those who neglect God become FALSE worshippers
2.     True worshippers worship Him in Spirit and in Truth
a.    Those who don’t worship Him in Spirit worship falsely
b.    Those who don’t worship Him in Truth worship falsely
3.    God is seeking such to worship Him
a.    Am I going to purposely avoid the God of the Universe who is seeking me out to worship Him?
B.   I Corinthians 11.17 – 34
1.      Vs. 18 – They are commanded to come together as a church, not as individuals
2.     Vs. 20 – They are commanded to come together to eat the Lord’s Supper
3.    Vs. 24 – Jesus commands us to remember Him when we eat the bread
4.    Vs . 25 – Jesus commands us to remember Him when we drink the fruit of the vine
5.    Vs. 26  - We are commanded to “proclaim the Lord’s Death” until He comes as an assembly
6.    Vs. 27 – An unworthy taking proclaims the opposite
7.     Vs. 28 – We are commanded to examine ourselves during the Lord’s Supper, something impossible for the absent as the examination is to be in the Assembly
8.    Vs. 29 – We are to discern the Lord’s Body during the Lord’s Supper, something impossible for the absent as this discernment is to be in the Assembly
9.    Vs. 30 – The neglect of the Lord’s Supper will cause a spiritual illness that is always fatal if not treated

3          Worship is For Others

A.   Hebrews 10.19 – 25
1.      Vs. 22 – We can’t draw near if we aren’t there!
2.     Vs. 23 – A confession to myself is not a confession
3.    Vs. 24 – I can’t stir you up to love and good works if I’m not there at the assembly
4.    Vs. 24 – You can’t stir me up to love and good works if you are not there in the assembly
5.    Vs. 25 – Neglect of the assembly is bad habit especially since we are all closer to judgement today than ever before in all of history!

4         Worship is For Me

A.   Matthew 16.18 – Jesus built His one and only church for me
1.      Worship allows me the opportunity to thank Him
B.   Acts 2.47 – God added me to His one and only church the day I was baptized
1.      Worship allows me to thank Him
C.    Ephesians 2.22 – Christ made me a part of God’s Dwelling Place
1.      Worship allows me to thank Him
D.   Hebrews 3.6 – We are His House if we hold fast
1.      Worship allows me to thank Him
E.    Romans 12.5 – We are individually members one of another
1.      Worship allows each of us to thank each other for what we mean to one another in Christ

5          Conclusion:

A.   Do you want to be like Christ?  (I know you do)
1.      Luke 4.16 – It was Christ’s CUSTOM to worship weekly
2.     Matthew 26.26 – 29 – The ONLY way He commands us to remember Him takes place ONLY in worship
3.    Matthew 18.20 – Worship is where Jesus IS each and every time.  He’s here right now
4.    He longs to see you again tonight should time continue

6         The Challenge of the Text for Christians Today

A.   Are you sure time will continue until this evening for you?

7          “The Gospel Call”

·         My fifth great uncle was Hugh Gaston who was rector at the Ballywillan Presbyterian Church (pictured above left) in County Antrim, Ulster Plantation (Northern Ireland) and wrote the most dangerous book of his time; Gaston’s Collections.  It allowed “the ploughman to know more Bible than his clergyman.”  Hugh fled to South Carolina where he died prematurely of the measles.  He is buried just one hour south of Charlotte in Chester County, S.C. in “Burnt Meeting House Cemetery.”   Uncle Hugh continues to inspire my ministry to this very day.  You can read more about Uncle Hugh here:
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