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Profit and Loss - 17 July 2016

“From Ulster Plantation to the Carolina’s with the Gospel!” *

Russell H. McCullough / Archdale church of Christ, 2525 Archdale Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210 / - Date:

Text: Mark 8.34
Thesis: 100% Profit or Loss for following or not following Christ

1           Introduction

A. Profit is not a dirty word
B. Poverty is not inherently virtuous
C. Self-interest is not selfishness
D. Success is not greed
E. The Golden Rule applied causes all ships to rise on the tide of faithfulness
F. Faithfulness begins with acknowledgement of God’s sovereignty and a spirit of thanksgiving
             1) Romans 1.21 - 23
F. These principles are illustrated in Luke 12.16 – 21
             1) He denied the power of God
             2) He proclaimed his own power
             3) He gave no credit to God
             4) He gave all credit to himself
             5) His profit was temporary
             6) His loss was permanent
             7) He failed to count the cost

2          100% Denial of Self for Christ = 100% Profit for my soul

A.   Acknowledge our riches come from God
1) Deuteronomy 8.17 - 18
B. Give Him thanks for all blessings
             1) Life
             2) Health
             3) Sound mind
              4) Liberty
             5) Friends
             6) Circumstances
             7) Wealth
C. Self denial is to embrace God’s Sovereignty and our subservience
D. Living the Great Commandment is self denial in action

3          100% Taking Up of the Cross = 100% Profit for my soul

A. Overtly proactive
B. Faith is not a private matter
C. Faith is to be taken to the public square
D. Faith in public has consequences that are unpleasant
E. Deposits are made in heaven when our faith is shown publically
F. The taking up of the cross is synonymous with the Great Commission

4         100% Followship of Christ = 100% Profit for my soul

A. Follow Christ in private
B. Follow Christ in mind
             1) “Think on these things” – Philippians 4.8
C. Follow Christ in Word
D. Follow Christ in Deed

5          The Meaning of the Text

A. Self Denial, Taking up the Cross and Followship is all PROFIT
B. Failure to do these things is all LOSS
C. Some banks fail, others succeed.  Which bank are we depositing in?

6         The Challenge of the Text

A. “I Surrender All” my pride
B. “I Surrender All” my priorities
C. “I Surrender All” my talents
D. “I Surrender All” my wealth
E. “I Surrender All” my time
F. “I Surrender All” of me

7          “The Gospel Call”

·         My fifth great uncle was Hugh Gaston who was rector at the Ballywillan Presbyterian Church (pictured above left) in County Antrim, Ulster Plantation (Northern Ireland) and wrote the most dangerous book of his time; Gaston’s Collections.  It allowed “the ploughman to know more Bible than his clergyman.”  Hugh fled to South Carolina where he died prematurely of the measles.  He is buried just one hour south of Charlotte in Chester County, S.C. in “Burnt Meeting House Cemetery.”   Uncle Hugh continues to inspire my ministry to this very day.  You can read more about Uncle Hugh here:
Ruins photo courtesy of:
·         On Friday night, August 5, 2016 Russ will dramatically portray the life and times of his 5th Great grandfather, John “Justice” Gaston entitled; “A Patriot of the Revolution.” A portion of the event will cover also the life and times of his brother, Hugh Gaston.  The event will take place at the Archdale church of Christ, 2525 Archdale Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210 at 7 p.m.   The public is invited to this free presentation.

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