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Lessons from Jabez's Mother - I Chronicles 4.9 - 10 - Gospel Call TV Video Presentation - Mother's Day - 2015

Mother's Day - 2015 - May 11
Lesson's from Jabez's Mother
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(NOTE: Audio does not start until 45 seconds into video)
She is never identified, we have not a clue to what her name was or anything about her...with one exception, she left a legacy in the form of a faithful son!  His name?  Jabez.
The Chronicles are two books rarely read or studied today but contain many a hero of God's faithful.  Jabez was a man of faith because his mother was a woman of faith.  Paul says that the gospel is spread from "faith to faith" in Romans 1.17.  Jabez's mother was a Romans 1.17 woman.
The Bible asserts several things concerning Jabez that he learned from his mother, his father not being mentioned at all in the text.  They are stunning.
1. Jabez was more honorable than his brothers, he was a Bible man, a real Berean!
2. Jabez called upon the Name of the Lord God of Israel - he sought salvation.
3. Jabez asked God for blessings - no self made man here.
4. Jabez sought from God expanded influence - a man of the message.
5. Jabez placed himself under the protecting Hand of God - he surrendered control totally.
6. Jabez besought God to deliver him from evil - he knew that "sin was crouching at the door and he had to master it." 
7. Jabez exercised the kind of faith that brought a full answer to prayer!  -  He prayed in faith, never doubting.
Jabez learned all of this from his Godly mother.  Let's be like Jabez.  May we all call, ask, seek, place and beseech from God those things that Jabez did.  It's never too late to become a "Jabez Mother!"

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