Friday, August 10, 2012

BAAL - Found Alive and Well in America!

Many might say that the ancient Canaanite god known as “Baal” is long dead.  He is so dead that he is totally forgotten to the point that most people in America have no idea of who he was / is.  Having said that, Baal is very much alive and well in 2012 from every little crossroads to the biggest cities in America!  Here’s proof:

·   As a god, Baal was both a single god and multiple gods, ones choice.  In America we are extolled to “attend the church or synagogue of your choice this weekend.”
·     Every locality that wanted could have their “brand” of Baal.  One town’s Baal was different from every other towns “Baal.”  They had “unity in diversity.”  So does America, or so she thinks.
·    The theology of Baalism was interpreted individually by each adherents own experiences and “stories.”  He was not interpreted lineally but allegorically.
·        Baal worship was thought to “manipulate” the god into doing what the people wanted.  Today the so-called Word of Faith movement claims that we can “force” God into doing what we want as long as we say the
“right words” and the so-called “sinners prayer” commands Christ to “come into my heart and save me.”
·  Baal worship was extremely entertaining and very popular.  Narcissistic motivations are used almost exclusively among denominations and TOTALLY by the so-called “Emergent Church.”
·   Baal worship allowed and even encouraged sexual sin outside the marriage covenant in ways that we cannot even speak of.  Today it is increasingly common in denominational “churches” to accept and encourage fornication, adultery and even homosexuality.
·         Ultimately, Baal required the human sacrifice of innocent children in order that the worshippers might get what they wanted…prosperity.  A good crop was far more to be desired than the life of a child.  Not much has changed in America today, just ask people who “choose” death over life at the local abortion mill.

Is Baal alive and well in America?  Absolutely!  In EVERY way he is every as much alive as he ever was EXCEPT in name only.  Beelzebub lies about who he REALLY is.  Let’s reject Baalism and worship the One True God in Spirit and in Truth! 

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