Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm Not O.K. and Neither are You! (Without Christ)

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When  I attended Oklahoma Christian College back in the early 70's General Psychology was required course for my field of study.  One of the required books to read for that course was the blockbuster seller of the time; I'm O.K - You're O.K. by Dr. Thomas A. Harris.  The books quotes Jesus so it had to be correct, didn't it?  Sadly no.  None of us are o.k.  "IF" we were all "o.k." why did Jesus have to die for us all?  Comparative "goodness" is no good.  For example; taking Hitler and Stalin, who was the "better" man?  Or, between Mussolini and Napoleon, who was less "righteous?"  Harris' "transactional analysis" had the effect, whether intended or not, to make one feel good about themselves while in their sinful (and damned) spiritual condition.  It was, and is, a wildly popular idea.  If anything is needed today, it's this....I'm not o.k. and neither are you without Christ.  

We are not asserting opinion here.  We are not impugning Dr. Harris' professional qualifications.  None of that matters.  What we are doing is calling on God's Word to tell us just what our real condition is without Christ.  Anyone old enough to know the difference between right and wrong, that has not repented of all their sins, confessed the Name of Christ before witnesses and been baptized for remission of sins in the Name of Jesus Christ is NOT o.k.  However, those who have, very much are!  NOT on the basis on their own merits, but by virtue of being "in Christ."  He is the ONLY man ever to live that was "O.K."  Paul tells us in Romans 3.10 -18 just what man's true condition is without Christ:

- None is righteous, no not one
- No one understands
- No one seeks for God
- All have turned aside
- Together (all) have become worthless
- No one does good, not even one
- Their (everyone) throat is an open grave
- They use their tongues to deceive
- The venom of (snakes) is under thier lips
- Their mouth is full of curses and bitterness
- Their feet are swift to shed blood
- In their paths are ruin and misery
- The way of peace they have not known
- There is no fear of God before their eyes
No, none of us are "O.K." without Christ!

                                                    - Russ McCullough / 27 April 2012

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